Written, designed, and published by students, MEMORANDUM serves as the official newsletter for UAB’s Professional Writing Program & MA program in Rhetorical and Composition.

Volume 9 Issue 1 Now Available

Welcome to the ninth volume of MEMORANDUM. In this Issue, Annie Swantek describes her experiences working as a technical writing at UAB’s Computer Forensics Research Lab. John Channell introduces Markdown and explains why it is a necessary skill for professional writers. Taylor Hanson looks at the connection between professional writing and journalism. Lainey Hardiman explains how her professional writing classes helped prepare her for an internship at GirlSpring. And, Jazzlyn Miller provides a stunning look at the struggles non-traditional students had to overcoming during UAB’s transition to the “New Normal.”
(Cover image by Sam Smith)

Now in its Ninth year, this publication would not be possible without the continued support of the UAB English Department. However, this publication would not exist without the hard work and dedication of the contributors. Anyone who has worked on the publication can tell you that it is a stressful experience . To those of you who worked on this issue, I say “Well Done.” You have put together a wonderful contribution to our program and you should be proud of your work. As I always say, “Thank you for playing along and for trusting in the process.”

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