Food Writing in Professional Periodicals

Stephanie Patrick

Will Write for Food
Will Write for Food by Dianne Jacob
Food has some of the most expansive types and styles of coverage in print and digital media today. From journalistic essays, articles, travelogues, memoirs, blogs, cookbooks, films, and even poetry and fiction, the possibilities of writing about food seem endless. For communicators and professional writers who want to explore this genre of writing more, they need to understand the dedication it takes for professional publications to bring the extensive world of the culinary arts to everyday people.

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Philanthropy through Writing

By: Veronica Tamburello

Philanthropy is not just for the elites. Donations and voluntary contributions are intrinsic to the American tradition of charity. Professional Writing Majors who desire to make the world a little bit better can attain this goal through the written word as a grant writer. A writer’s ability to persuade through a convincing argument and developed research can secure the funding that is necessary to support a philanthropic cause.

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You Are Your Company

Teresa Davis

Some companies are so familiar to us that we can recognize them even without seeing their name. For some it’s distinctive lettering, others use shapes, and some use a particular picture as a logo. For example, consider Disney’s font, the emblem for Mercedes, or the Starbucks mermaid. These companies all make or sell different kinds of products, but they have one important thing in common: recognition. Professional writers, whether freelance, job seeking, or already working, can set themselves apart by studying the tactics used by these kinds of companies to further their own careers.

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