Providing Peace of Mind

Michelle Love


As a student’s academic career progresses, the amount of research papers and related stress follows suit. It does not help that the list of rules when writing said research papers seems to always be changing. Thanks to UAB’s University Writing Center (located on the first floor of the Mervyn Sterne Library), students no longer have to feel alone.

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Professional Writing. What is it?

Professional Writing course in action

Flip through the pages of a magazine; peruse the aisles of a grocery store, check your email, and surf the endless sites on the internet. What are you surrounded by? While you are surrounded by the modern day world, there is one aspect of human communication that envelops the world around you: writing.
Whether through ad copy in a magazine or the text in an email newsletter, strategically crafted text is all around us, and more often than not, a professional writer composes this. UAB’s Department of English seeks to train a new generation of writers that will compose the world around us: the text that is required to function in our complicated yet engaging times.