Volume 5 Issue 1

Greetings students and alumni!

Here you’ll find our latest issue of MEMORANDUM- UAB’s own student run magazine on professional writing. With six articles from current Digital Publishing students, we hope you enjoy.

This spring issue includes a software review for Microsoft’s Darkroom by Jake Sims and Kristen William’s tips for website design (featuring an interview with Media Fellow Courtney Lassiter.) Several articles talk about the state of the professional writing industry, such as Camrie Latham’s piece on writing for small businesses and Alli Patton’s reflection on writing in the digitized age.

Bailey McKay discusses professional writing in marketing via interview with Alexis Brost (a Marketing and Member Relations Coordinator at The Club.) And finally, Genni Boatwright’s interview with Digital Media Specialist Kalyn Wolfe explores the impact social media has on professional writing.

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