There’s More Than One Way to Become a Journalist

Casey Marley

casey-marley-photoI did not come to college with the intention of majoring in my native language. I knew I wanted to work with media, and through this desire I found journalism through working at and eventually becoming the editor of our campus newspaper. By learning the trade outside of the classroom, I found that my English classes were actually helping me more at my job than any other classes.
With hard work, your English degree can help you work towards your goal of becomming a journalist in ways you might not realize:

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Publish Yourself – Create a Zine

Adam Jones


Circulating your name amongst the realm of professional writers can prove to be difficult–especially if you’re lacking the time that is necessary for working as an intern. However, a simple (and nearly costless) method of publication that has risen back to the surface of the mainstream over the past decade is the pamphlet-style “zine“. Stemming from works like Martin Luther’s 95 Theses and Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, it is evident that zines are effective while, at the same time, allowing a writer’s personal brand to remain intact. And, they are markedly easy to produce.

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