Providing Peace of Mind

Michelle Love


As a student’s academic career progresses, the amount of research papers and related stress follows suit. It does not help that the list of rules when writing said research papers seems to always be changing. Thanks to UAB’s University Writing Center (located on the first floor of the Mervyn Sterne Library), students no longer have to feel alone.

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Master Writing. Literally.


EH 592 A Master's Level Course in Digital PublishingAttending graduate school should not be taken lightly. But for those students determined to extend their education and give themselves an edge in the professional world, the UAB Department of English’s Masters in Rhetoric and Composition should be considered.For students wanting to become a composition teacher or become a professional writer or editor, this advanced degree focuses on the art and execution on precise language as well as giving students an understanding of the history of rhetoric and public discourse.To learn more about this intensely rewarding degree visit the Rhetoric and Composition information page and to apply.