Providing Peace of Mind

Michelle Love


As a student’s academic career progresses, the amount of research papers and related stress follows suit. It does not help that the list of rules when writing said research papers seems to always be changing. Thanks to UAB’s University Writing Center (located on the first floor of the Mervyn Sterne Library), students no longer have to feel alone.

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Why Do We Give a CRAP?

Luke Richey

Visual Rhetoric Flyer

Discovering Design

Design permeates virtually all aspects of professional communication – from writing resumés, memos, and cover letters to pitching a new product line or advertising an upcoming event. How that information looks matters and can be the difference between it being picked up or thrown away.

Backtrack to Fall 2014 and I had just entered my first professional writing course at UAB – being asked to design the cover for that issue of MEMORANDUM and having absolutely no idea what or how to design. Being a complete novice at the medium, I searched for help anywhere I could find it. Between Robin Williams’s (not the comedian) book, The Non-Designer’s Design Book, and a fellow UAB student and graphic design major, I learned a few tips that could help any professional writing student who wants to start dabbling in design.

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The Writer’s Market: A Valuable Resource for the Beginning Writer

Robert Conditt III

The gap between knowledge gained and its application for income can be a challenge for some. This is especially true for those in the field of professional writing. Where and how do we take the skills that we have honed and apply them to earning a living? This quandary stems from the larger question: What is it that professional writers do? The answer of course is they write. And, if you are looking to make a living through writing, it is important to know where to market your writing and how to sell your work.

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