Library & Information Science: A Grad Option for Professional Writing Students

Sydnei Wheat

Library Stacks
Library Stacks

Rhetoric and Composition is a great Master’s degree for Professional Writing students to pursue. However, it is often the only Master’s program that PW students consider throughout their undergraduate days; partly because they believe it is the only graduate degree that can effectively develop their professional skill-set. Students might not be aware that there are other great Master’s programs that are also very compatible with their undergraduate education, such as the Library & Information Science Master’s degree (MLIS).

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Food Writing in Professional Periodicals

Stephanie Patrick

Will Write for Food
Will Write for Food by Dianne Jacob
Food has some of the most expansive types and styles of coverage in print and digital media today. From journalistic essays, articles, travelogues, memoirs, blogs, cookbooks, films, and even poetry and fiction, the possibilities of writing about food seem endless. For communicators and professional writers who want to explore this genre of writing more, they need to understand the dedication it takes for professional publications to bring the extensive world of the culinary arts to everyday people.

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Perfecting Professionalism: Using College Before Joining the Workforce

Lauren Johnson

Office Space
Office Space

Too many times employers have accused today’s college graduates of lacking professionalism. Many superiors state that we do not communicate correctly, we’re habitually tardy, and we socialize in the workplace too much, which is distracting. Funny enough, they have a terms for doing it right: employability skills or soft skills. Having employability skills mean that you possess work ethic, which includes timeliness, attendance, and a great attitude. And your current career as a college student builds those skills for future interactions in a professional atmosphere. Students should use college to practice the professional attributes expected in the majority of workplaces.

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