Braving the Professional Writing Department

Anne Marie Lovell


As someone who is not an English major, signing up for a professional writing class can be intimidating. I was nervous not only because I am an Art major, but also because it had been years since I’d written anything that could be described as professional. What would it be like to be in a class full of people who’d been honing their writing skills in college via beautifully crafted essays, with nothing to offer in comparison aside from my rough, run-on sentences? Before finding the proper resources and receiving encouragement, I doubt I would have enrolled in any of these classes. Now, I am planning to get a minor in professional writing.

Professional Writing is something that non-English majors can benefit from, but that many probably haven’t heard of. It isn’t only about writing and editing articles; the professional writing department includes classes on medical, business, and technical writing. You can learn how to build a website or how to develop digital documents. The professional writing club even hosts resume and cover letter workshops – something that all students could use. The Professional Writing minor (or even just a class) is something that any future professional should seriously consider.

I was lucky to have been told to look into writing classes by my academic advisor. After some research, I found Dr. McComiskey, who is both the contact and director for the Professional Writing program. I wrote to him, explaining that I was an art major interested in taking one or two classes to work on my writing skills, and I promptly received a response. He told me about classes that would be offered in the upcoming semester, as well as other classes that would be offered in the future. Dr. McComiskey also suggested that I consider the minor in Professional Writing, which was something I never would have done on my own. With the encouragement of my academic advisor, the helpful email from Dr. McComiskey, and a little bit of nervousness, I signed up for my first professional writing class. A few weeks in, I’ve realized that this is something that many students should be doing. Instead of intimidating, the class is interesting, and will no doubt be of help when applying to jobs. I earnestly suggest ignoring any fear of writing you may have, and to look into these classes yourself.


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