How to Dress for Professional Writing Success

Haley Townsend

Your résumé is ready; your online portfolio is freshly updated. Now, what are you going to wear?

When you’re prepping for a big interview– for a much-needed copy writing internship or that fabulous editor job you’ve always wanted, you simply can’t overlook how you’re going to look!

Something you’re going to want to consider before you accept a job is if will you be happy wearing a dress shirt and tie everyday to edit manuscripts in, or if you’d rather eat pizza in jeans while brainstorming the copy for branding a start-up?

That can all depend on the type of company for which you’re applying to work. Check out their LinkedIn and Twitter as well as reviews on Glassdoor to get a feel for their corporate culture.

The T-shirt Wearing Start-Up

You probably can’t go wrong here, unless you show up in a black tie ensemble. Business casual may come off as overdressed, but it’s always better to overdress than under for an interview. Men, you might wear a simple blazer with a button up and khakis. Ladies business casual can range from slacks and a nice top to a skirt and cardigan. This Pinterest board has tons of inspiration.

The Classic Corporation

Conservative business formal attire is the way to go in this situation. Gentlemen break out your suit, and ladies, invest in some sheer panty hose (Walgreens has good ones if you need them in a pinch). You might feel a little like your grandmother, but as long as you don’t smell of mothballs, you’ll make a professional impression. A two piece skirt or pant suit is always a safe bet, but if you don’t have one ready to go—a simple black or grey dress with a contrasting blazer works just as well.

Overall, dress in a way that presents your personal brand in a way that meshes with the culture of the company.


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