Good Grit Magazine: Opportunity on the Rise

Peyton Chandler


The experience gained from internships and fieldwork is proving more and more valuable in our business world full of high expectations and an unapologetic, competitive nature. For many, these “real world” business opportunities can be hard to come by. However, Birmingham’s English and Professional Writing students have more access to quality work experience than they may realize. Nestled in UAB’s own backyard on 2nd Ave. N, Good Grit Magazine is a young, promising publication focused on illustrating the true character of the new south. Good Grit manifests its vision through the creation of original print and digital content.
I was fortunate enough to work at Good Grit during the time of its onset in the summer of 2015 as an editorial intern and the following fall semester as its Digital Managing Editor. Since the summer, in less than a year’s time, the magazine has seen tremendous growth, now available on shelves in six states throughout the south and southeast.
Throughout my time at Good Grit, I gained valuable work experience in a sometimes hectic, but always rewarding environment. My bosses and coworkers provided me opportunities in which to utilize my strengths and improve upon my weaknesses, all while helping the magazine grow and develop.
This upcoming summer, Good Grit hopes to continue its relationship with ambitious, motivated students looking for quality experience at a company on the rise. The magazine is searching for a potential full time digital editor to assist in the success of its website and various web outlets. Additionally, this summer Good Grit is offering editorial internships, event planning internships, art internships, and web/social media internships for current and graduated students. I strongly encourage UAB students to take advantage of these opportunities at one of Birmingham’s most promising young companies—one that molds inexperience into professionalism.


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