5 Tips for Writing on Social Media

Erica Turner

Social media is one of the most popular communication outlets people use in the 21st century. Many utilize social media as a way to develop their brand or business and to reach people all over the world. As writers, we have to be innovative when reaching vast audiences and getting them to view our brand or business. Here are five tips that can help improve your performance:

  1. Write Great Headlines. A headline is the first thing, if not the only thing, a prospective reader will see when they scroll upon a post. Make your headline is impactful and states the real purpose of your post or page.
  2. Use Action Oriented Language. The purpose of using social media is to get your audience to do something, whether it’s to attend an event, purchase something, or watch a video. By using interesting adjectives or even posing a question, you can draw in your reader to doing exactly what action you want them to perform.
  3. Tailor Your Message. How you write your posts on Facebook should not be the same way you construct your posts on Twitter. Tailor your message depending on what network you are trying to reach your audience on. The content you share will perform differently depending on the social network.
  4. Post with Purpose. Make sure that you’re not posting things blindly and that there is meaning behind what you post. Therefore, always keep in mind why you are posting, and make sure your content reflects that message.
  5. Put Share Buttons at the Bottom of EVERY post. After you&#39ve constructed a beautifully written and innovative post, make sure the post is easily accessible for readers to share. By placing social media share buttons at the bottom of all posts, your content will then have the potential to spread to their friends and colleagues.

With these tips, you can create social media posts your audience will find captivating and shareable.


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