You Are Your Company

Teresa Davis

Some companies are so familiar to us that we can recognize them even without seeing their name. For some it’s distinctive lettering, others use shapes, and some use a particular picture as a logo. For example, consider Disney’s font, the emblem for Mercedes, or the Starbucks mermaid. These companies all make or sell different kinds of products, but they have one important thing in common: recognition. Professional writers, whether freelance, job seeking, or already working, can set themselves apart by studying the tactics used by these kinds of companies to further their own careers.

A freelance writer may be tempted to take any job that comes along, because artistic integrity doesn’t pay for groceries. Sometimes jobs have to be taken, but a writer can and should be selective about what goes into a resume or online portfolio. A job seeking writer should consider what kind of writer they are, and design a brand around that. A writer who has found a job can even tailor their writing by studying the brand of the company they work for.

Some things to consider in designing a brand:

  • Color: Color can have a lot of psychological impact, and this should be considered in making a choice. Bright or bold colors can be exciting or youthful, muted colors can feel more natural, and neutrals may be used for a clean, professional look.
  • Font: Everything from size to spacing makes a difference in lettering. While it may be fine to mix up fonts for contrast, it is very important that they coordinate. Fonts should always be easy to read, and the final product should be tested. There are plenty of logo fails out there that, because of unfortunate font choices, look like the company is saying something inappropriate. These may be fun to see, but no one wants their brand to appear there.
  • Shapes: It is best to avoid clipart, because it will always be obvious. However, using graphics can be a big part of a brand. Geometric shapes can have a retro look; beveled edges appear more clean and conservative.

The most important thing to consider is consistency. When designing a brand, the writer should consider their style, then choose components to match, and use the aspects of the brand everywhere it is appropriate to do so.




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